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Moringa Oleifera Side Effects

Moringa oleifera is a supplement made from a tree that has helped to sustain life and good health in many parts of the world. It has been used to boost energy levels, fight diseases and lose weight. Many people wonder whether these types of supplements have any side effects. You should know about the side effects of moringa oleifera.

Moringa Oleifera Is Safe When Taken Properly
The very first thing to understand is that moringa oleifera is completely safe for healthy individuals when it is taken properly. This means taking the dose that is recommended for your body type. You will not experience any side effects especially if you take the supplement before eating and with a full glass of plain water. The maximum amount that you should take is based largely on your body weight. People around 150 pounds should limit intake to 2,200 milligrams. People around 200 pounds should not take more than 2,900 milligrams. The maximum safe dose for people weighing 250 pounds or more is 3,600 milligrams of pure moringa oleifera per day.

Avoid Taking Too Much of Any Supplement
Something that is important to know is that you need to always stay below the maximum recommended dose when taking any supplement and not just moringa oleifera. This is because high levels of even healthy vitamins can cause toxicity in your body. Moringa oleifera can cause cell mutations and genotoxicity when you take too much. The risk of any side effects is not present as long as you do not consume more than what is recommended on a daily basis. Side effects even for people taking large amounts of moringa oleifera are very rare although it is still a risk that should be avoided.

Interactions with Prescription Medications
Thousands of prescription drugs are available today. They are made from hundreds of different substances arranged in a broad array of chemical structures. One of the problems with this diversity of medications is that it is difficult to know exactly how one drug will react with another drug or a natural supplement. You want to be very careful when taking moringa oleifera while you are on prescription drugs. You specifically want to be cautious if you are taking high blood pressure medication, medications for hypertension or medications for certain heart conditions. This is because moringa oleifera can have a temporary effect on your blood pressure that could interfere with your prescription pills.

Preexisting Medical Conditions
Moringa oleifera is harmless for people who do not have major or life-threatening health problems because the body can properly process the supplement. Things are slightly different for individuals who have serious preexisting medical conditions. Moringa oleifera affects certain enzymes released by your pancreas. These help you to process food, create energy and regulate blood sugar levels. People who have preexisting conditions should not start taking moringa oleifera without first talking to a medical professional about what it might do. This is very important since moringa oleifera could cause complications with some rare or chronic conditions even when taken as directed. The only way to know for certain is to consult with a doctor.

Pregnant Women and Supplements
Women who are pregnant or nursing should always be cautious about taking supplements. One reason is that little research is usually done about whether a supplement can enter breast milk. This is complicated by the fact that the effects of supplements on babies are not usually known either. Women who are pregnant need to be careful because there is a chance that moringa oleifera could cause uterine contractions. This can cause issues during pregnancy. If you are pregnant, nursing or think that you might be pregnant, then it is best to refrain from taking any supplements until you have talked to a medical professional.

Always Speak To a Doctor before Starting
Even if you are not pregnant, taking prescription drugs or dealing with an existing medical condition, you will still want to talk to a doctor before you begin taking moringa oleifera just to be safe. You should do this with any type of supplement no matter how mild. A doctor can examine your body to make certain that you do not have any hidden or developing conditions that might be affected by the supplement. Talking to a doctor should always be your first step before starting a routine that involves taking daily supplements like moringa oleifera.